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Answers to our most frequently asked questions

This industry can be confusing. We try to make our counts and quotes as simple as possible, and our web site is meant to be clean and easy to understand. But, try as we might, there are always questions that seem to reoccur over time. Below, we've tried to shed light on some of the industry terms we use daily, and supply answers to the most common questions we field:

How can I reach out to the specialized audiences your firm offers access to?

You can acquire a file from us which can be used as a mailing list at your location. You can also have us email a portion of this same audience on your behalf, through a dedicated deployment partner.

What is a List Rental vs. a List Lease?

Rental means "one use". After the initial use, you must not use it again unless we have given written permission to do so. A "Lease" means that you can use the file for a full calendar year, for an unlimited number of mailings. At the end of a year, you must abandon the file, unless we have a different arrangement with you.

Can I remail to a list after I have already mailed to it once?

If you have rented the file for a single (1x) use, then no, you may not use it again, without permission from us. But, reuses are possible. See below.

Do I receive better pricing on a 2nd or 3rd use of the file?

Yes. And, when you order a second or third use of the mailing list from the start, we offer you a full 50% discount on those addition uses. It's a great way to minimize the average cost of each mailing.

How long does it take to receive my file?

This can vary from 24 hours to 48 hours, but, typically, we like to ship in 24 hours after the receipt of all signed agreements and prepayments. Some files can be shipped on a "Same Day" basis, but this can entail a rush charge.

What format can I receive my file in?

The standard format for delivered mailing list is "comma-separated" ascii. But, we can deliver mailing lists in nearly any format imaginable. The most common formats are .txt, .csv, .tbl, and .xls.

What are select charges?

These are the additional costs for the refinement filtration of the file, based on your specifications, such as age, income, geography, insurance, etc. These charges apply ONLY when you ask for them, and they appear clearly on our quotes, and invoices, for your review and approval, prioir to your order being shipped. We don't like surprises and neither do our clients.

Will I receive USPS Documentation certifying that my file was NCOA-processed and CASS/DPV-certified?

Yes, you will receive these documents with every file we ship.

What fields will my file contain?

Your file will typically contain Name, Address, City, State, Zipcode, Carrier Route, DPC fields. Keycodes can be ordered by you if they are needed, identifying different parts of the file from each other if you like. There is a small fee for these services however.

Can I receive phones, faxes and emails in my file?

No. We do not release phones, faxes or email addresses to the mailer. Valid email list owners will typically not release email addresses. 

Will you subtract my house file prior to sending my new file?

Yes, if that is what you would like us to do. This is called a "suppression" and it costs $50 flat, no matter what the file size.

Still have questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you.